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Listing Details

Listing ID Number: AZ7427
Number of pools: 83
Number of Residential: 83
Number of Commercial: 0
Monthly Service Amount: $8,500.00
Adjusted Earnings: $127,000.00
Average Age of Accounts: 2 Years
Payment History: Good
Location Of Accounts(Cities): Surprise, Peoria
Purchase Price: $102,000.00
Training Period: 30 days
Guarantee Period: 90 days
Non Compete Period: 5 Years

Sellers Comments

SUPER TIGHT ROUTE WEST OF HIGHWAY 101 PARKWAY IN THE SURPRISE, PEORIA AREA. Seller charges extra for filter cleans and conditioner. Approximately: Most of them have auto cleaners; 10% have salt systems. ****TECH CAN DO THIS ROUTE IN 4 1/2 DAYS**** Excellent area and room for growth. Seller will train and guarantee transfer of accounts.