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Listing Details

Listing ID Number: FL7955
Number of pools: 21
Number of Residential: 21
Number of Commercial: 0
Monthly Service Amount: $2,820.00
Adjusted Earnings: $38,700.00
Average Age of Accounts: 1 Year
Payment History: Good
Location Of Accounts(Cities): Winter Park
Purchase Price: $33,840.00
Training Period: 30 days
Guarantee Period: 90 days
Non Compete Period: 5 years

Sellers Comments

ORANGE COUNTY RESIDENTIAL ROUTE. ALL 21 POOLS LOCATED IN WINTER PARK AND GEOGRAPHICALLY CLOSE TO ONE ANOTHER. MONTHLY CHARGE HIGH:LOW = $235:$105. ALL POOLS DONE IN TWO DAYS. Nice, established route in the Winter Park area. Excellent area and room for growth. Seller will train and guarantee transfer of accounts.