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Listing Details

Listing ID Number: FL8037
Number of pools: 75
Number of Residential: 75
Number of Commercial: 0
Monthly Service Amount: $10,500.00
Adjusted Earnings: $112,500.00
Average Age of Accounts: 6 years
Payment History: Good
Location Of Accounts(Cities): South Tampa, Davis Island, Harbor Island, Beach Park
Purchase Price: $147,000.00`
Training Period: 30 days
Guarantee Period: 90 days
Non Compete Period: 5 years

Sellers Comments

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY ROUTE WITH GREAT PORTION OF POOLS WITHIN FIVE MILE SQUARE RADIUS OF ONE ANOTHER. ROUTE IS IN ONE OF MOST ELITE PARTS OF TAMPA. AVERAGE MONTHLY CHARGE IS $140 PER POOL. SELLER CHARGES EXTRA FOR FILTER CLEANS AND SALT CELL CLEANS. FIFTY TO SEVENTY PERCENT OF CUSTOMER ON AUTOMATIC PAY. EMPLOYEES WILLING TO TRANSFER IF NECESSARY. TWO HAMMERHEAD POWER VACUUMS INCLUDED IN SALES PRICE. Nice, established route in the South Tampa, Davis Island, Harbor Island, Beach Park_ area. Seller charges extra for filter cleans. Approximately: 25% have auto cleaners; 66% have salt systems and 20% are screened in. Excellent area and room for growth. Seller will train and guarantee transfer of accounts.