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Pool Route: 10 Burning Questions all Buyers Always Want Answered


Q1. How does this business make so much money?

A1. With the purchase of an operating pool route, initial marketing and overhead are non-existent. You buy into a money making list of accounts that has a clean and accurate payment history. There is no ceiling, you can add as many accounts to your route as you are willing to oversee.


Q2. How many accounts can one person service in a day?

A2. The number of accounts serviced in one day continues to rise due to new technology development in our industry. The current number is 20 per day, depending on your service area.  


Q3. How do I get started?

A3. Visit the routes available on our website, then contact our office for more information. The process is as follows: find a route of interest, sign a confidentiality agreement, provide proof of funds or discuss financing options, speak with the Seller via telephone, meet with the Seller to go over account records. At that point, if you decide to purchase, our escrow department will prepare the necessary transfer documents for your approval. The process will then follow your escrow instructions.


Q4. What financing options are available to me?

A4. You may seek financing options on your own, use SBA loans or inquire with one of our recommended lenders. Inquire here.


Q5. How are pool routes priced?

A5. National Pool Route Sales uses standard market pricing, based on the monthly service amount of a given route. Factoring may be higher or lower, depending on a particular area. The more people in an area means a higher demand and a higher priced route. Example: Orange County, California may be priced higher than Walker, Texas.


Q6. Is it a difficult business to learn?

A6. Not at all. There is an extremely low learning curve in the Swimming Service and Repair industry. When purchasing from NPRS, we ensure a 30 day training period agreed upon by the Seller. You will receive two weeks of  field training and two weeks of on call help from the Seller; in addition you will receive lifetime access to our consulting services from NPRS CEO, Charles Baird.


Q7. What’s the largest pool route?

A7. With over 10,000 pool routes sold in the past 40 years, the largest route ever seen was just over 2,000 accounts. However, most routes range anywhere from 40-100 accounts.


Q8. Do I need employees?

A8. The answer is relative to the desires of operation, and the scaling of your business. If you’re interested in running a one man show (lots of people do), you can service anywhere from 80-100 pools a month and still make upwards of 5k.


Q9. Can I see tax returns?

A9. More importantly than tax returns are obtaining a copy of the customer’s payment history. Often times business owners use all kinds of expenses to write off during tax season that provide little to no value to our Buyers. When speaking to our licensed agents, be sure to ask for payment history in lieu of tax returns to get an accurate projection of income.


Q10. Do I need a license?

A10. The licenses will depend on county and state. Right-to-work states may require little to no certification, while other states will require Certified Pool Operator License for commercial pools ONLY. Some state require a Health Technician’s Permit for commercial pools, and some counties or state will ask for a Contractor’s License.

What to expect for each license:

Certified Pool Operator’s License: Two day course and an open book test.

Health Technician’s License: Short course and a written test

Contractor License: Different qualifications per state/county, some allow repair service without it, others have a dollar threshold before needing this type of license.


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