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National Pool Route Sale’s customers are supported by our ongoing marketing and management program, The Millionaire Pool Man. This free program is available to our clients through an online portal after the purchase of your route. There is where all your questions about best practices for maximizing growth and profitability are answered.

A few words about us

Charles Baird is the Founder of National Pool Route Sales, Inc. (NPRS), a brokerage for pool service and repair companies. Mr. Baird has sold and consulted for more than 15,000 pool service companies over the past 40 years. He is the author of The Millionaire Pool Man Program which includes: The Millionaire Pool Man Management Guide and The Millionaire Pool Man Marketing Guide, both are considered the premier business tools for an individual entering the pool service and repair industry. Mr. Baird is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in multiple states.

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