Seller's Comments: FORTY FULL-SERVICE ACCOUNTS, IN PALM COAST (37 ACCOUNTS) AND FLAGLER BEACH (3 ACCOUNTS); 38 RESIDENTIAL ND 2 COMMERCIAL (HARDLY EVER USED). AVERAGE AGE OF ACCOUNTS: 10-12 YEARS; 25-30 HOURS TO CLEAN. Approximately: 1% have auto cleaners; 20% have salt systems and 90% are screened in. Excellent area and room for growth. Seller will train and guarantee transfer of accounts.

Status: Sold

Number of Pools: 40

Number of Residential: 38

Number of Commercial: 2

Monthly Service Amount: $3,820.00

Yearly Net From Service/Repairs: $59,400.00

Average Age of Accounts: 10-12 years

Payment History: Good

Location of Accounts (cities): Palm Coast, Flagler Beach

Purchase Price: $45,840.00

Training Period: 30 days

Guarantee Period: 90 days

Covenant Not to Compete Period: 5 years