Seller's Comments: PINELLAS COUNTY COMMERCIAL ROUTE. ALL HOA ACCOUNTS. EIGHTY-ONE TOTAL STOPS PER WEEK. ALWAYS PROFITABLE WITH LOW OVERHEAD. SELLER CHARGES EXTRA FOR FILTER CLEANS. APPROXIMATELY 30 HOURS TO CLEAN. EMPLOYEES WILLING TO TRANSFER. Nice, established route in the Pinellas County area. Seller charges extra for filter cleans. Seller will train and guarantee transfer of accounts.

Status: Sold

Number of Pools: 27

Number of Residential: 0

Number of Commercial: 27

Monthly Service Amount: $10,165.00

Yearly Net From Service/Repairs: $50,000.00

Average Age of Accounts: 10 years

Payment History: Good

Location of Accounts (cities): Pinellas County

Purchase Price: $121,980.00

Training Period: 30 days

Guarantee Period: 90 days

Covenant Not to Compete Period: 5 Years