Seller's Comments: Several service technicians are available. 100% commercial route with contracted services, ranging between 1-2 years on each contract. Customers are highly desirable because they are customers that pay, mostly via ACH payments, they will use you for most if not all of their pool repair needs. These are in highly sought out wealthy areas with great upside for additional profits, through repairs, additional services and remodeling. Great relationships established with all property managers and owners; therefore, they will feel confident when transitioning over to the new company. The property management companies worked with should use a new owner throughout their properties creating additional business. Nice, established route in the Rockwall, Dallas, Garland, Forney area. The Seller charges extra for filter cleans; salt cell cleans and conditioner. Excellent area and room for growth. Seller will train and guarantee transfer of accounts.

Status: Sold

Number of Pools: 35

Number of Residential: 0

Number of Commercial: 35

Monthly Service Amount: $45,400.00

Yearly Net From Service/Repairs: $197,000.00

Average Age of Accounts: 12 years

Payment History: Good

Location of Accounts (cities): Rockwall, Dallas, Garland, Forney

Purchase Price: $544,800.00

Training Period: 30 days

Guarantee Period: 90 days

Covenant Not to Compete Period: 5 years