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Why You Should Use a Specialized Business Broker When Buying a Business

First, you must look at buying a business as you would any other investment; because it is an investment. It is probably the most important investment you will ever make; because it can and should give you the financial and personal freedom you desire. You just need to maintain the proper focus.

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When buying a business or accounts, you must look at the Total Consideration (The cost of the route or business); but more importantly, you must determine the return on your investment for not only the first year but for the life of your entrepreneurship. If the price is your only consideration, you will almost never be as successful as you would be if you focused more on the return and less on the cost. Two of the points I always make with my clients during one-on-one consulting or in my seminars are “You cannot be cheap, and you cannot be lazy.” Both are an anathema to success.

Let’s compare buying a business to purchasing stocks on Nasdaq. This could simplify my point. Some of you will say you cannot compare apples and oranges, but I am not comparing fruit. I am comparing investments. I can find cheap stocks from a low-end firm that will provide a low rate of return with more risk or I can spend a little more for a quality stock from a quality firm and realize a better return on investment and more security. That is simple enough. Now let me explain the difference between purchasing your business through National Pool Route Sales, Inc or through another low aftermarket service broker or from a for sale by owner.

If the price is your only consideration and you purchase through another low service broker or from a for sale by owner you may or may not save a few dollars upfront on the purchase. However, where you lose out is in future profits. What if you possibly save $5,000.00 or $10,000.00 upfront and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in your first few years of ownership? Being cheap does not make sense in investments. Would you buy penny stock over Chevron?

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I receive many calls from individuals who purchase their accounts or business from someone other than National Pool Route Sales asking for help to improve profits or with help building their company. I cannot assist them at that point because it would be competing with my clients. This would not be fair to the individuals who put their trust in National Pool Route Sales.

The individuals who purchase their routes or business through National Pool Route Sales can usually, if they choose, double or triple their income the first year through our Millionaire Pool Man Mentoring Program. This support and level of success is not available to individuals who purchase their route from someone else, just to save a few dollars.  

If you have a business background, it helps you in business; but that does not mean you understand every revenue stream or pitfall in whatever new industry you are entering. Reinventing the wheel is very expensive for most and devastating for some. With over 40 years of experience and our Millionaire Pool Man Mentoring Program, we are not playing “where’s the profit.” We know.  We also know how to take the stress and guesswork out of a new venture. Isn’t that really why you want? to get into your own business: to make money and experience less stress. Well, to achieve your goals, you must take all things into consideration when deciding to become a successful entrepreneur; and the price is usually at the bottom of the list.

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