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National Pool Route Sales: Customer Perception

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We have had to fight for decades to shed the stigma of “The Pool Boy;” and Hollywood didn’t help at all with the Mark Harmon movie. However, while I believe we have done an adequate job of creating a more professional industry; there are still a great many unprofessional service companies in operation. This unprofessionalism has damaged our overall image.

Nearly every home in my community has a pool. So, there are a great many pool service technicians roaming around our community. Having operated nearly five decades within the Pool Service and Repair Industry, I know there are some pool techs, driving awful looking trucks, dressing down as low as possible, who are very professional in the backyard and with their customers. However, most of your potential customers are only familiar with the servicing of their pool and the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with this service. They do not know you are a professional until they can see and experience your professionalism. Customer perception can be either the apex or nadir of your company. Try following these simple rules: 

First, we need to have a professional appearance. Why would the most prosperous customers want someone dressed as a drifter roaming around their home? Why would the most prosperous customers want someone who drives an old rusted, leaking truck in front of their home? They wouldn’t. If this is your state of business, change it now.  

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Secondly, you must have a great statement to potential customers concerning why they need your service. Why would I choose you over the next pool tech that drives by my home of an apartment complex? You must have a written and memorized statement to the potential customer concerning your service abilities compared to other service technicians. Why are you their best choice? You know better than anyone why a potential customer should hire you instead of the next pool tech in line. Put it in writing. Study the text. Alter the text as much as needed. Then memorize the reasons. Test the reason on potential customers and adjust where necessary. If something is not working, stop and regroup. Do not keep struggling with the same statement. If it isn’t working, change the statement until it is perfect.

Thirdly, you must connect with any potential customer. Even if you acquire the customer, if you did not connect, you failed! Once you have a great statement, you must connect. Connecting creates a stable base, reduces expenditures for advertising, and creates a great opportunity for growth. When you connect, customers become excited about your service. They want to tell neighbors and friends about your company. They are excited and want to do something good for their friends and family. They can do something good for the people they care about while helping you at the same time. They feel good about referring your company and you become wealthy. Connect. Connect. Connect. Where is the downside?

Finally, do not leave the backyard without a signed customer. Do not say, “Go ahead and think about it. I will call you tomorrow.” If you leave the backyard without signing the customer, you did not connect, and you lost. There is more information about this subject on millionairepoolman.com.

It is difficult to convey how important this information is in five hundred words or less. So, I will just finish by saying, No one said success is easy. Ask the one percent! 

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