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Pool Service and COVID-19

Pool Service and COVID-19

With the developing health crisis around the world, many service-based businesses have taken a major hit. For those in the pool and service industry, we have the good fortune to be in a space that allows our businesses to thrive even during these trying times. Practicing social distancing, being around germ-killing pool supplies, and working in the great outdoors absorbing much needed Vitamin D are just a few reasons why the pool service industry is one of the few industries relatively unharmed during our current health crisis.

On the business side:

1. Pools are fixed structures and are not removable, they still need to be maintained.

2. Commercial pools are many times required by law to be professionally maintained and repaired.

3. It is your business; you have the flexibility to offer different service rates.

4. When you lower service rates, lower the service level to not lose profit.

5. You own the business, no one is going to lay you off.

6. You control the finances and have at least 3 months operating cash in the bank.

With fear-based information coming from every angle, brighten someone’s day by giving them our office number, 877-766-5757 so they too can learn how to earn a great living, provide for their family and build a business now and for the future. Stay safe!