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David P.

I have been both a buyer and a seller through Pool Route Sales. I can’t thank Charles and his staff enough for the excellent support, advice and service they have extended to me. After five years in the financial services industry, I was ready for a change. I bought a fairly large pool route from Pool Route Sales. I had no prior industry or small business experience. Charles and his staff were extremely knowledgeable and professional. They found the perfect route for me and considerably helped me throughout the process. It has been exactly one year ago that I purchased the route. Through the support of Charles and his team, I have grown so quickly that I just sold a substantial portion of my route through Pool Route Sales. Even after this major sale, I have more accounts and monthly service than when I started. As a buyer or a seller of a pool route, you will not find a better partner or friend than Charles Baird and his team at Pool Route Sales.

-Tropical Sun Pools, Inc. FL