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Gary G.

When I first entertained the idea of pursuing the pool business I wasn’t sure where to turn. My neighbor who operates a small pool service suggested I purchase a moderately sized route directly from another pool man. After my neighbor said, “I have bought and sold pool routes and things worked out well”. I then heard him say that his sale of a small route amounted to confusion and litigation at the cost of 5,000 dollars. I quickly knew this was not a wise course to choose. Following a couple of interviews with 2 other Pool Brokers, it was obvious to me that working with Charles (and his 27 years of experience) was the only intelligent choice to make. Charles is Professional and knows this industry very well. He is both genuine and honest. He has an earnest desire in seeing all of his clients succeed. I highly recommend you take advantage of his experience, expertise, and integrity. In conclusion, my purchase of a pool route has been smooth and successful—Charles continues to be of help, even after the sale.

-ClearView Prof. Pool Care CA