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Buying an Established Business: What You Need to Know

Building a business is hard work. Many people do it to be their own boss and make their own hours. However, when trying to cultivate a new company, many find themselves working way more than they did at their previous 9-5! That’s why many entrepreneurs choose to buy an established business instead of creating one from scratch.

But how can you avoid getting caught in a business that’s doomed to fail? This article will help you understand the advantages of purchasing an existing business, as well as provide you tips to help guide you with one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make for you and your family.


  • You save time. One of the most important things everyone is trying to preserve is their personal time, right?
  • The ability to evaluate the cash flow and operating expenses. Forget about trial and error, by purchasing a well developed business, you’re setting yourself up for success.
  • Business potential. You are coming into a business with a fresh eye and full of enthusiasm. The excitement of a new venture is sure to revive it and help it grow in ways the previous owner simply could not do.


  • Do your homework. Find out what kind of paper you will need to put in place for the transition of ownership.
  • Check the credit history. Why? Non-payment of bills can clue you in on bigger problems a business owner might have.
  • Talk to employees. If there are any employees, you want to get the inside scoop on company culture, and ultimately get to know the personalities of the people that will be working for you.
  • Consult a specialized business broker: Like real-estate agents, business brokers have expert knowledge on the buying and selling process. This is their job, they do this everyday! Who would be better to talk to than someone who knows the in’s and out’s of the industry?

Ready To Be a Business Owner?
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