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Steps to Buying a Pool Route

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Buying a pool route business can be a complex process but with the right education and preparation, anyone with or without previous service experience can successfully navigate this endeavor. Here are some steps and considerations to help guide you through the process: 1. Research the pool service industry: Before buying a pool route business, it’s… read more

Listen to the Experts

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  Most people still do not believe the pool service and repair industry is not affected by most of the outside factors that destroy so many other businesses. Some will never believe, no matter what the evidence. For the rest of us, we are jumping up and down with joy that we are still operating… read more

NPRS Offers Continued Support Through Health Crisis

With the recent developments around the world, many service-based businesses are taking a major hit. For those in the pool service industry, we have the good fortune to be in a space that allows our businesses to thrive even during these trying times. Practicing social distancing, being around germ-killing pool supplies, and working in the… read more

pool routes for sale: building revenue streams

Building Great Profit Streams


    This may sound mundane, but new and improved profit streams are necessary for the success of your business. Even without tariffs, operating a business is becoming more and more expensive every day. If you do not stay ahead of the curve, you might find yourself off the road in a ditch. I have… read more

Should Your Business Be an LLC or an S Corp?

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You finally a business owner, or maybe you have been running one as a sole proprietor, even moonlighting on the side, and have decided you need to protect your personal assets from those involved with your growing business. You might even decide that there could be a tax break in it for you. Whatever your… read more

Pool Route Sales: An Exit Strategy

An Exit Strategy for pool route owners or What Do I Do When I Get Old? There is a myth amongst young people that can be proven a fallacy as time progresses. The myth is “Getting old will never happen to me.” I see the remnants of this every day in my business, from pool… read more

Salt Pools VS. Traditional Chlorine Pools

As usual, there is a dispute between pool service professionals as to the efficacy of the salt system, whether the salt system is better for a customer’s pool than the traditional method of sanitizing. However, we will cover this dispute at another time. Today we want to approach Salt vs. Chlorine from a profitability perspective.… read more

8 Maintenance Tips for the Off Season

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Pool Broker Q & A: What are best offseason tips for pool service techs? In this article, we are going to talk about some maintenance tips for taking care of a pool during its offseason; this will ensure you have a clear and easy opening next spring. Before officially opening the pool, use a Poly-Quat Algaecide.… read more