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Introducing Charles Baird Consulting

Are you ready for this? The first of its kind, the only program specifically created for your industry. The team here at National Pool Route Sales has been working diligently for the past few months on something that is going to bring you more efficiency, improvement, and profitability in your pool route business.

Introducing, the Charles Baird Consulting Program, hosted by, none other than NPRS’s CEO, Charles Baird.

If you know Charles, or have heard anything about National Pool Route Sales, you know there is no one like us. We strive every day to provide each client with the best aftermarket care in the nation. Why do we do it? Because WE CARE. We care about your family’s livelihood, we care about your future, and we care about what it takes to get there.

The Charles Baird Consulting Program is a comprehensive online course that will take you through many phases of business ownership, development, and growth. And we don’t stop there, segments on work-life balance are included, along with industry insights and an entire library of template ready for you 24-7. Regardless if you are a seasoned vet, or brand spanking new to the industry, there are many valuable lessons and knowledge to be learned.

What to expect

With over 200 videos, you will be continually improving the foundation and operation of your route. From growing your route to handling difficult customers, we aim to provide solutions many encounter on a daily basis.

With over 40 years of business consulting and over 9,000 pool routes sold, we’ve identified certain pain points many pool service men and women need help in. With that in mind, we’ve answered many questions and created exercises around them to serve the needs of the community. You can expect to find new and updated videos quarterly, as well as recommend topics you’d like discussed.

Charles has been collecting stories, building experience and gaining knowledge in the pool service and repair business for the past few decades; now it’s time to package all of that up and share it with whoever is seeking a bright future servicing swimming pools.   

How it works

The Charles Baird Consulting Program is open for enrollment year round. It’s a self-paced online course you can start and stop whenever you choose. Memberships last one year and must be renewed every 365 days to rejoin.

If you’re a client of NPRS and would like to gain free access for one year, you may contact our marketing department, by sending an email to kerissa@www.poolroutesales.com  (please have your escrow number ready for verification and be sure to type “NPRS to CBC” in the subject line.) As a client of National Pool Route Sales, your first year is free. After that, each year you may rejoin at the renewal price of $495.

Still shopping for a route, or not quite ready to become an NPRS member? That’s okay too. We are opening this program to the masses. We want everyone to have access to this course and start becoming better businessmen and women too. Non-NPRS clients will pay dues in the amount of $2900 for their first year, and will drop down to $495 each year after.

Interested in learning more? Contact the above email address with your questions.