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pool routes for sale: building revenue streams

Building Great Profit Streams


    This may sound mundane, but new and improved profit streams are necessary for the success of your business. Even without tariffs, operating a business is becoming more and more expensive every day. If you do not stay ahead of the curve, you might find yourself off the road in a ditch. I have… read more

Should Your Business Be an LLC or an S Corp?

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You finally a business owner, or maybe you have been running one as a sole proprietor, even moonlighting on the side, and have decided you need to protect your personal assets from those involved with your growing business. You might even decide that there could be a tax break in it for you. Whatever your… read more

Introducing Charles Baird Consulting

Are you ready for this? The first of its kind, the only program specifically created for your industry. The team here at National Pool Route Sales has been working diligently for the past few months on something that is going to bring you more efficiency, improvement, and profitability in your pool route business. Introducing, the… read more