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Pool Routes: How to Raise Customer Rates

pool routes for sale: raising rates for your customers

While the need to raise prices is usually good news for your growing business, it’s not exactly music to your customers’ ears. Here, are a few different ways to break the news gently and honestly.

Start with your presentation: Presentation is everything, this means a clean uniform, a wrapped truck or large magnet displaying your company name, and a clean shave or well-groomed beard. Believe it or not, people will trust you more if you have a professional look. Putting more thought into your appearance is one of the easiest ways to improve your image, the way people see you is the way they react towards you. Your customer will hold you to a higher standard, thus making it easier for you when it comes time to increasing their bill.

Industry knowledge: Offer your customers an explanation when bidding a pool for a better rate. Explain the importance of the services you recommend and how it protects them. If it’s a preventative measure, inform them as such. Displaying your knowledge and ways to help your customer sets you apart from the average pool service man/woman. To that end, attend seminars to stay informed of new products and industry news. Can’t make it to an event? Download our online magazine, Poolside with National Pool Route Sales to get great tips every month.

Use the SpinLab: If you’re still using the strips to test pool water, you’re not keeping up with technology. Technology saves you time, time makes you money. If you’re still kickin’ it old school, it’s about time to see how a great piece of equipment such as the SpinLab from Lamott can positively affect your bottom line of earning more money. 


Have a plan for everyone: This means giving your customers options. You may not charge Joe the same rate you charge Sally based on a variety of reasons; frequency of service, chemicals used etc. Giving them a chance to choose an upgraded plan takes the sting out of the extra buck they will be spending. You can even customize a plan for them, personalize it, do whatever it takes to make it work for everyone! Here are a few ideas of different methods you can increase your rates:

  • Service fees
  • Chemicals
  • Algaecides
  • Abbreviated Services
  • Leaves, wind, storms, etc.

Prep your customer: Do this by having great communication with them, IE sending out monthly newsletters, informing them of new equipment purchases (SpinLab), sending them inspection sheets and don’t forget to stay out- be personal with customers.

Staying on top of these key points will certainly improve your performance, leading you to better customer relationships and ultimately a fatter wallet. If you’re having trouble putting some of these points into practice, and you are a part of our Millionaire Pool Man Program, don’t hesitate to call! Charles and our staff at National Pool Route Sales are ready and eager to lend a helping hand. Want to learn more? Call us today at 877-766-5757.