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Pool Business for Sale: Thinking Outside The Box

Pool Business for Sale: Thinking Outside The BoxMany businesspeople speak of thinking outside the box. Why? Why is this concept potentially beneficial to your company; and how do we master this process? The definition of thinking outside the box, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is: “To think imaginatively using new ideas instead of traditional ideas.” Why is this important? Because new ideas are exciting for you and your customers. For you, it creates new excitement in your company. New ideas are like adding new blood. New ideas make a business exciting for everyone; and, new ideas begat new ideas. For your customers, it creates excitement through new innovations no one has ever offered. A customer excited about your company is a long term, profitable customer.  

Are there really new ideas left for current businesspeople? Yes! There are always new ideas just waiting for you to discover; but how do we discover these new ideas? How do we think outside the box? How do we make this work?

Some of us are natural-born “outside the box” thinkers. Some of us are not. Some of us must work hard for this gift. Even the worst of us has this talent; even if, for the worst of us, this talent is buried just a little deeper. 

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My experience tells me, if you want to conjure up new ideas, you must mentally work through every situation that comes across your desk. You must take every aspect of your business and work through new innovations. Do not become frustrated if this does not happen overnight. New ideas will jump into your thoughts when you least expect them; and if you retreat, you will never win the battle of the mind. 

You must always be on the lookout for items you can adopt and methods you can use and improve to create that forward-looking company. If you want to be cutting edge, if you want to be years ahead of your competition, you must make this “outside the box” mentality an integral part of your operation. 

I spent most of my life working through this process. I was born with some natural talent, but it took many years of constant focus to reach my current milestone. You are no different. You have the ability to innovate. If you want to be good at imagining new concepts, about seeing the future when others are stuck in the past, you must spend your time working on the process. You must pay your dues.

There are no instant billionaires. There are no instant fortune 100 companies. Even the so-called overnight successes in tech spent years developing and innovating. Without this outside of the box way of thinking, could we have walked on the moon, would we have an Internet, would you be reading this article on an iPad or tablet? No. I think not. 

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While thinking outside the box is an important aspect in the success of a company, you must also have the skill and aptitude to implement your new ideas. Get all the training you can afford. Work hard to learn the foundation of your business. A business is not built on ideas alone. Furthermore, you must have enough common sense to know when your ideas are business relatable and when you are tilting at windmills. Windmills can look like giants, but they are just windmills, spinning you around and around.

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