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Pool Cleaning Business: WHY IPSSA?

Pool Cleaning Business: WHY IPSSA?

It has always amazed me at the number of pool servicemen throughout the United States. It also amazes me at the number of pool servicemen who do not belong to an association. I know. Why should I join IPSSA or I used to be a member and just got burned out on the meetings once a month or I currently belong to IPSSA and I am considering the possibility of not continuing my membership? If you fit into one of the above categories or if you are a current satisfied member of IPSSA you need to read this article.

First of all, if you are a current satisfied member of IPSSA, we have a problem. You should never be satisfied with the status quo. A satisfied member is a complacent member. A complacent member is one who does not search for ways to improve the association. You should always try to push new agendas. What agendas? How about better Route Coverage? How about higher profitability? With the skyrocketing cost of Health Care, Real Estate, fuel and just plain old living essentials, who can honestly say they do not need to make more money?

How can you push new agendas? If every current member of IPSSA works to bring in just one new member over the next twelve months, you will bring in members with new ideas and with new energy. This is where leadership comes in to play and this is where teamwork comes in to play. The B.O.R.D. alone cannot solve all of the problems we encounter each and every day relative to our business. However, with new members, with new energy, with new ideas and everyone working together as a team, it is always possible to accomplish whatever goals we attempt to undertake.

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I spoke to a pool man in June who said he was disappointed with what IPSSA had to offer and decided to quit the association. I think sometimes that pool men forget that IPSSA is not an omnipotent being. Each pool man is IPSSA and all of the pool men together create an association. The association offers only what you as an individual are willing to fight to accomplish. If you want better profitability for your business, if you want to fight for better insurance, if you want to fight for higher service rates, there is always a door open to the one who is willing to search for the entrance. 

A member, who is dissatisfied, should not be looking for another association or quitting all associations. A member, who is dissatisfied, should always be looking to improve his association and therefore the lives of his fellow members and pool men in general.

Everyone who is a member of IPSSA is fortunate. Fortunate enough to have someone looking out for their interest. There are many pool men throughout the country who do not have an association like IPSSA to turn to in a time of need. With all that IPSSA does for the pool industry, the association can be better. However, for the association to be better, we all have to be better as individuals. We must realize that we are the association and without our individual support IPSSA cannot develop into the type of organization we all desire.

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I am proud to be a member of IPSSA. I am proud of the untiring efforts of current and past officers and members. Without the sacrifices of the previous member, life would be a little more difficult. All for one and One for all.


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