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Listen to the Experts


Most people still do not believe the pool service and repair industry is not affected by most of the outside factors that destroy so many other businesses. Some will never believe, no matter what the evidence. For the rest of us, we are jumping up and down with joy that we are still operating without limitations, even during this sad and awful COVID 19 pandemic. What a wonderful industry we have chosen for our vocation. 

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The pool service and repair industry can be anything you want it to be if you pay close attention to experts in your industry. If you service pools, pay attention to service experts. If your company is more repair centered, pay attention to repair experts. If you are purchasing or selling a route, pay attention to expert agents. 

You may believe you know better, but you do not. You would not try to diagnose heart disease. You would not try to understand the tax codes. People are experts for a reason. If everyone were an expert in everything, no one would ever make a mistake. However, just think about how many mistakes you have made in your life, and how many times you wished you had listened to an expert.

I will give you an example. Recently, I had a client who wanted to purchase a large route. I tried diligently and ineffectively to steer him toward a route I believed to be exceptional, but he knew better. 

It is amazing to me that the simplest facts make no difference to an individual when they have made up their mind about the value of anything, even when there is no “experienced reason” for that belief. Once we make up our minds, it is as though we have encased that belief in concrete. You can chip away at that belief as much and as often as you like, but you can never penetrate the heart of that belief. That is why it is important to consult an expert, and listen before you make any decisions that will affect the future of your family. It makes little to no sense to consult an expert and then do what you wanted to do in the first place.  

The route I wanted my client to purchase was organized in business for 35 years, seller retiring, wealthy clients, good area, good rates (ready to be raised again), and a seller who wanted to be certain the right person purchased his company. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The route my client purchased had lesser qualities. 

It is important to listen to experts. If they make sense, try to bend a little. By the way, the fellow who purchased the route with lesser qualities has struggled a little to get off the ground; but he will be fine. However, he will never know how much money he left on the table.

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If a person is earning $100,000.00 a year and he or she missed out on making $500,000.00 a year, they cannot see the miss. Losing future income is not like missing a putt on the golf course. When you miss a putt, you know why. Losing future income is an unknown and, therefore, not missed. An expert can show you what you missed. It is like taking a putting lesson, only from a financial perspective.  

When we try to reinvent the wheel, we lose valuable time. When we place our egos above an expert’s advice, we lose time and money. If you’re already in the pool service business, congratulations on being apart of a thriving community that holds true in almost any circumstance! If you’re interested in jumping in, there is no better time to make the leap. Click here to see available routes in your area. 

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