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Pool Service Business: Money Made Simple

1 plus 1 = 2

Isn’t it amazing how simple some math can be? Wouldn’t it be great if life were that simple? Unfortunately, it is not. However, making money can be as simple as the simplest math, if you just look for and take the simplest path to that destination.

Many business owners make the art of making money as difficult as possible by placing into the equation parts that do not belong. This complicates the business process and makes finding the answers to their questions, and making money, more difficult.

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Making money the good old fashion way is not difficult and never has been. Why can some individuals make a great deal of money and others cannot? Why do some pool servicemen live in multi million dollar homes and others do not? The answer is as simple as the above equation. They do not avoid change. They do not fear change. Winston Churchill said, “to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

I am not implying by any means that your goal should be to live in a multi-million dollar mansion, but what’s wrong with living in an expensive home? What’s wrong with being able to give your husband, wife or children some of the other things you would like to give them? What’s wrong with giving your children an Ivy League Education? If you are truthful, your answer will be nothing. Nothing is wrong with being more successful.  

Being honest, with yourself, is the first step to becoming successful. You must admit to yourself that there is nothing wrong with the people who are more successful than you. They are not automatically dishonest by their success.  

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You must admit there is nothing wrong with being a successful pool service business owner. There is also nothing wrong with having a little less than your friends or business contemporaries if that is your choice.  

I have been very poor. As a child, I was a breath away from an orphanage several times. I know what it is like to not have enough food. I know what it’s like to not have a home. I know what it is like to be less successful. I also know what it is like to have a little success; not a lot, just a little, and I prefer success. I look at individuals more successful than I and I create a “Road Map” to that destination. That is also what you must do. Find someone more successful. Find out how they got there, and create your own business plan to that new destination.  

Many people denounce success because they are afraid they will never reach that plateau. Denouncing success keeps you where you are; regardless your level of success. Appreciate honest success. Appreciate honest individuals and set your sights a little higher. There is never anything wrong with a better life.

Now, for those of you having trouble with chemical costs this summer, and even if you are not and you just want to make a little extra money, there is hope. If you are happy with your current rates or you recently raised rates and cannot raise them again, and you would like to make a little extra money, there is hope.  

Through the summer months contact your commercial accounts, or send a letter to your residential customers, and let them know that costs are on the rise again but instead of a permanent rate increase, you are going to charge a little more for chemicals just through the hottest summer months. The service rate should go back to the current rate in the fall. Make sure they understand this is not a rate increase. This way you can cover a little more of the chemical costs through the hotter summer months and your customers will not be forced to suffer through another permanent rate increase. You both win.  

Pool Service Business: See Our Available Listings 

Remember, whenever increasing any service rate, how you discuss the increase with the customer is the most important aspect of the increase. Also, remember, if someone complains you can cancel the increase for that individual only. It is always going to be a numbers game and you will always win if you are honest and approach any increase with professionalism and common sense.

Embrace change. It is a necessary element of life. Embrace life. You only live once.