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Purchasing a Pool Route: 90 Day Guarantee

There aren’t many businesses you can purchase that will offer an income guarantee.

Most of the time the business records are a mess and with no guarantees whether you are successful or not is a roll of the dice. However, in the swimming pool service and repair industry when you purchase a pool route business, the monthly income generated by the accounts is guaranteed and this guarantee extends for months.

Usually, the money collected from customers over the first 90 days is a guaranteed sum, if the collected amount falls below the guaranteed amount the deficient amount is replaced with additional accounts or the funds are returned to the purchaser based on a formula that is equal to the deficient amount times the purchase factor.

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This guarantee period was implemented to be certain the purchaser received the income he or she was purchasing if an account drops during the first 90 days and it was not the purchasers fault the account is replaced with an account of equal value dollar for dollar or the amount paid for that account is refunded. A portion of the proceeds of sale is held in escrow after the close of escrow to help affect this refund.

Most purchasers ask for specific records when seeking to enter the swimming pool service industry they look at our industry like any other, it is not like any other! As stated most companies keep horrible records and there’s no income guarantee when you purchase. When a swimming pool service route is purchased the records available to the purchaser are a list of the accounts showing the guaranteed income and the payment history of each customer that displays the customer’s payment and payment quality. The payment histories can also display additional income derived from ancillary revenue streams which are prevalent in our industry.

Our overhead is very minimal, as owner-operated you can earn as much as 80% profit with employees you can earn as much as a 40% profit. You work from home drive a small pickup, put chemicals in the pool. There is no one in business I know who would frown at a 40 or 80% profit, however if you want to grow a large successful company it’s always nice to have a mentor keeping you on that path of profitability, that is where National Pool Route Sales and The Millionaire Pool Man Program comes into play. Why reinvent the wheel? As a client, you have a successful program to follow.

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