Poolside with National Pool Route Sales: April/May Issue

Welcome to the second issue of Poolside Magazine. We are working hard to bring you quality material and insight into the pool service industry. During production of this issue, we had to work out a few kinks to dial in and perfect our new publication, that is why this issue was a combination of April… read more

Pool Routes: How to Raise Customer Rates


While the need to raise prices is usually good news for your growing business, it’s not exactly music to your customers’ ears. Here, are a few different ways to break the news gently and honestly. Start with your presentation: Presentation is everything, this means a clean uniform, a wrapped truck or large magnet displaying your company… read more

Buying an Established Business: What You Need to Know

Building a business is hard work. Many people do it to be their own boss and make their own hours. However, when trying to cultivate a new company, many find themselves working way more than they did at their previous 9-5! That’s why many entrepreneurs choose to buy an established business instead of creating one… read more

Pool Route: How much should you spend?


Pool Route: How much should you spend? An issue for many people entering the pool service and repair industry is price. You want to buy a pool route, but you’re having a hard time figuring out how it’s being priced. What I try to explain over and over again is the price you actually pay… read more

Pool Routes: Looking For a Business To Buy


Pool Routes: Looking For a Business To Buy Purchasing a pool route is a life-changing event for anyone. It is entirely up to you whether the event is positive or negative. You cannot blame anyone for your failure just as you cannot give anyone credit for your success. The decisions you make from day one… read more